Lip Gloss Lips.

There are lip liners, there are lip sticks, and then, of course, there are the lip glosses. The beauty of lip gloss is that it is a tool that offers luster, gloss, and can also offer additional coloring as well. It can be applied as a solid or as a liquid, can be glitter, gloss, frost, and or metallic in its over all finish. Just as lip liner, and lip stick, lip gloss can be had in many forms and can also be applied using various techniques. Cylinder bottles, sloped or round applicators, squeezed tubes that are glided across the lips, or can be applied using the tips of the fingers. Some glosses can be had in solid forms with a consistency similar to a balm. If they can think of a way to deliver the item, they have done it already.  Gloss application styles exist to satisfy every possible consumer, and the different types of containers make the product just as portable as liners and sticks.

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Fresh products are always hitting the market, and these days with the popularity of full, thick lips, there are glosses available that simulate that type of cosmetic effect. Known as plumping lip gloss, these glosses offer a temporary fullness and beauty enhancement for those who wish to have an augmented lip look. They are relatively affordable, and offer a short lasting effect that people can take advantage of without any type of permanent alteration.

Another cool use for lip gloss is the color enhancement properties, without the drastic look or a lip liner or a lip stick. For younger people, lip gloss may be the first step into the world of cosmetics, and is often used by teens as a way of experimenting with new looks as they start to focus more on their external features. Preteen and teens simply look out of place when using full blown makeup, and often lip gloss is an acceptable way of venturing into the cosmetic world. Gloss is often used by those who do not enjoy makeup at all, but have a function to attend where bare lips might appear to be out of place. In that case it is a simple, and nice looking gloss to the rescue. Such a product offers gentle coloring, shine, and the illusion of lip makeup over all.

As for the properties and ingredients of lip glosses. they are some what similar to liners and sticks. Gloss does have wax, oil, and color pigments to it, although is lesser concentrations than otjer lip cosmetics. Less wax is needed because the beauty of gloss is that it is always to remain free flowing. Lanolin is used, and has a gentle velvety feel to it which also accounts for the amazing shine, and then polybutene is included as well. For those who may not know, lip gloss is an invention of Max Factor, and was created for use on Hollywood movie sets in 1930. The gloss then became a retail product two years later, and has been a staple of makeup drawers and bags ever since.

Last but not at all least, would be lip smackers. Back in 1973, Bonne Bell company put out a yummy flavored lip gloss that became a craze among teen and preteen girls.