5 Great Lip Liners.

Prestige Cocoa Waterproof Lip Liner.

This ultra modern and essential lip liner is considered by many to be a critical tool of nearly all make up artists. The product is totally water proof, and has a reputation for being a lip liner that is very long lasting. The liner is said to be dermatologist approved, and is quite affordable. This lip liner is every bit as rugged as a lip stick, but can be expected to last longer than ordinary lip sticks would. The last time i checked, this amazing product retailed for under six dollars.

Revlon Color Stay Lip Liner with Soft Flex. 

Here above there is a great lip liner product from Revlon. This liner is available is ten completely different shades, and offers a new long lasting wear technology known as color stay soft plex. It is said to offer the customer greater over all definition while having the product last longer and keep from losing it pigment for the duration. The product can be used to prevent lip stick bleeding and feathering, while at the same time clearly define the outline of the user’s lips, and offer smooth, rich coloring that blends in with ease, and extends the over all look. Last time i checked the product retailed for under nine dollars.

Wet N’ Wild Color icon Lip Liner Brandy Wine #666.

This awesome lip liner has amazing color to it. Wine colors are known to be long lasting in cosmetics, and this is no exception. This product is said to be a breeze to apply and offers excellent sharpness, and an easy to attain narrow line that is durable, and highly unlikely to smudge during it’s use. It is suggested that this shade of brandy wine be used when also using dark shaded lip sticks, or in the event that you have darker shaded lips naturally, this product would do well for you when using a medium, neutral shaded lip stick. At last glance, this product did retail at a price below five dollars.

Maybelline New York Expert Tools Lip Brush.

With precision in mind at the time it’s inception, and design, New York Expert lip liner by maybelline was created to offer the user expert liner application every time. The product has a very user friendly retractable tube, and the applicator comes complete with all natural wand bristles for comfort, and clarity of application. Such an amazing brush with offer the user’s lips an even and smudge less coat while at the same time keep the lip stick application free of bleeding and intact. Last time i checked, this product retails for under seven dollars.

L’oreal Colour Riche Lip Liner More Chocolate.

This product offered by L’oreal, is an amazing liner known for it’s ability to prevent feathering and bleeding. The product is available is twelve rich color shades. This liner was designed with the intent of being used with just about any bright, vibrantly colored shade of lip stick. The product is waterproof, and reviews are excellent for it’s ability to avoid smudge and smear issues. Lastly this product is infused with nutrients, and helps to keep the lips nicely hydrated during use. At last look, this product retailed for under six dollars.