Lip Liner Overview

Lip liner, also known as lip pencil, is a cosmetic product. It is planned to fill bumpy areas on the outer edges of the lips after applying lipstick, therefore giving a smooth shape. It is also used to outline the lips, keeping lipstick inside the lip area and avoiding it from “bleeding”, therefore creating a bigger difference and making the lips stand out more. Otherwise, lip liner can be used to fill in the entire lip before the application of lipstick and in some cases, worn as a lipstick on its own. The product is usually sold in a retractable tube or in a pencil form which can be sharpened. Lip liner is usually obtainable in the same range of colors as lipsticks: e.g., reds, pinks, browns, plums, etc. Lip liner also comes in invisible, for giving the illusion of smooth lips without adding or affecting color.

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Like lipstick, lip liner is composed of waxes, oils, and pigments. Likened to lipstick, lip liners are firmer in consistency and deeply pigmented, making them suitable for drawing on to the lip with precision. For these reasons, lip liners have less oils and more waxes and pigments than lipsticks.


Lip liner is not mandatory but it can be fun. It’s nice to use as a base for your lipstick to stick to, giving it more opacity and staying power lip liner is useful to shape the lips and helps prevent feathering.

Lipstick has always been a problem to wear for many because of its off coming nature so the great tip is if you apply a lip liner before applying your favorite color of lipstick not only will you lipstick color stay on but will also give your lips a great look .


Lipsticks are also well known for bleeding all over the lips which end up with all your mouth filled with lipsticks instead of just your lips, lip liner application prevents lipsticks bleeding.


One of the greatest importance of lip liner is lip definition, if you have a lip that is full, lip liner can help surface them out beautifully and if you happen to be the type with the small lips, a huge difference would be noticed upon the application of lip liner

KEEP COLORS FROM FADING. Remember i talked about how lip liner keeps your lipsticks on?

Well, it keeps the color immensely beautiful too and if your lipstick were to fade off, provided you have your lip liner to be the same color it appears as if though your lipstick never did wear off.


Finally, lip liner was designed so that it could enhance any color lipstick you have on. Lip liner works in conjunction with your lipstick to bring out a good look on your lips. There are many good reasons why lip liner application is very important. These are great tips, if you never learned to apply lip liners why not start now?

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